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Where there is a Will there is a Way!

The 2nd July saw the premiere of the first play ever written/performed specifically about Appley Tower by the newly formed Appley Tower Players. It was set in 1878 and combined the history of the Tower with scenes from Shakespeare. The play was about Sir William Hutt, the commissioner and owner of the Tower, and his possible meeting of a local Victorian Ryde celebrity, Miss Brigstocke. Sir William had the Tower, called the Watch Tower, built in 1874. Sir William had invited Miss Brigstocke to visit the Tower to see scenes from Shakespeare plays performed with the Tower as a backdrop. The play’s title originates from the Latin moto on the Tower which translates as “Where there is a Will there is a Way!”

It was beautiful day on the 2nd July and an audience of 200 plus gathered round to see the play. It was written and directed by Ryde resident, Rebecca Tremain of the Mustard Club. The play was developed with support from Southern Water, Natural Enterprise charity, Monkton Arts and Ryde Town Council. The aim of the play was to develop a way of communicating the history of the Tower to wider audiences within the community. Natural Enterprise are currently leading the development of a future sustainable plan for the Tower and shortly to submit a funding bid. Ryde Town Council and IW Council have already agreed funding. The plan is repair and renovate the Tower back to its past glory so it can be reopened fully in 2024. The play was a way of bringing it alive and show how it could be a new performance place/backdrop in the future. The play was a success and has established a group of local residents under the banner of Appley Tower Players. Click on to see the play in action. Video and photographs thanks to Rebecca Tremain and Chris Orchin Photograpy.

Maureen Sullivan as Miss Brigstocke and Michael Lilley as Sir William Hutt.
Full Cast List.
All the cast.
The Audience interacting with the play.

Scene from Midsummer’s nightdream

Cast members after the performance
Scene from Romeo and Juliet
The Cast taking applause.

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