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‘Warm-mates’ answer to staying warm and well…

September 20, 2022
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The local Footprint Trust charity has come up with an idea which will help keep people warm and help fight loneliness. 

Island households will be hit by massive energy price increases of up to £2,000 as OFGEM permits the Energy price cap to rise to an all-time high. The Trust predicts that this will plunge thousands of households into fuel poverty, up from around 18% to nearly 30%.

The Trust is suggesting that people talk to their friendly neighbours and arrange to buddy-up during the day, staying in each other’s homes and taking turns to cook. The Trust has coined the term Warm-Mates.

“Put simply…it is cheaper to warm a room for two people, than heat two rooms up…likewise more economic to cook for two…”

Said Ray Harrington-Vail, the founder and General Manager of the charity.

“Warm-Mates is an alternative to Warm Banks, whereby people have to travel to a church hall, library or similar building to keep warm. Warm Banks may only work in some communities and circumstances.”

“Warm-Mates may also help tackle loneliness and isolation, people can keep a friendly eye on each other too, and may lead to long-lasting friendships…”

The Trust has also recruited Energy Helpmate volunteers who are to work alongside experts at the charity, giving guidance and practical help to those struggling this winter via their helpline and at outreach events throughout the Island.

Cooking on a budget will also feature in their work, those attending the free training will be supplied with air-fryers, microwave ovens or slow cookers to cut the cost of eating healthily.

To register for the cooking training or to get help with your utility bills please contact the trust email info@footprint-trust.co.uk or call 01983 822282.

Parsh and Town Council councils can also get involved by assisting to fund the Trust’s work in their areas, many already do and this has helped expand their help in recent years. 

Find us on :




Website : http://www.footprint-trust.co.uk

Phone : 01983 822282

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