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October 27, 2022
x7 Our Ryde Councillors

I believe in transparency, fairness and honesty, but alarmed that one of the candidates (Mr Lou Temel) in the Ryde Appley and Elmfield by-election is communicating in a letter to voters falsely. I have to be honest to say I was not happy Mr Temel and members of the Conservative Party triggered an election at this time of cost-living crisis which will cost Ryde Town Council £5000 when we need monies to help Ryde residents this Winter. I am also not happy that Mr Temel’s campaign focuses trying to imply Ryde Town Council is not spending money appropriately or prudently especially as he does not tell you he has already cost RTC £5000 in triggering an election! Mr Temel also says he stands for Concerned Residents Awareness Group when no-one has ever heard of such a group in Ryde or anywhere else on the Island. He fails to say he is a member of the Conservative Party and has stood in the past for that Party in Ryde West where he lives. He has never been active or ever taken an interest in Ryde Appley and Elmfield until now.

Luckily, a local man living in Ryde Appley and Elmfield, Tom Hanley, is standing and opposing Mr Temel. Tom has worked in the building industry for 44 years and is active within our community. He is standing as an Independent for the Our Ryde group of independents. He is running a transparent and open campaign.


In the case of Tom’s opponent, everyone has their own views and I respect this. However, spreading misinformation to gain votes is not something I prescribe too. It appears that within Mr Temel’s letter he implies Ryde Town Council is committing £300K to Appley Tower when this is totally incorrect. I have distributed over 24 quarterly newsletters since 2016 and iconic Appley Tower has been a major campaign for the Ryde Appley and Elmfield during all this time. In recent years Tom has been one of the many residents working with me on making sure the Tower was kept within community ownership, restored and had a sustainable future.

RTC has collaborated with a local charity and IW Council in submitting a bid for the majority funding from a national grant fund and RTC & IWC have committed £40K each along with a contribution from the charity. RTC’s £1 is leveraging in £10 with over £400K coming into restoration of the iconic Appley Tower.

This external investment will revigorate Appley Beach and Park and an excellent example of partnership and collaboration for the benefit of the community. There has been wide community involvement and consultation.

Ryde is an historic Town and our economy is very much affected by the restoration of these important buildings. Ryde has seen in the past year over £3 Million external funding being committed to the Town to revive our historic heritage for the benefit for all. A further external £1M plus is likely to come shortly to invest in our historic buildings. Restored buildings has the knock-on effect of encouraging private investors.

The wonderful value of voting Tom Hanley to be your representative on Ryde Town Council is that he has been a builder for 44 years and experienced in project management. He will bring real and practical skill to Ryde Town Council and help the Council restore Ryde’s historic buildings.

Ryde has a new sense of confidence and vision that attracts visitors and businesses and creates jobs. I think the comment on the OntheWight on-line newspaper by one reader of “heart not head” in reference to RTC is inappropriate but more of a sensible balance of head and heart (click on above and see comments).

If you want a representative that lives in Ward, is independent, will work with myself and Cllr Jenna Sabine, then please vote for Tom Hanley X

Promoted and published by Michael Lilley, 71, High Park Road, Ryde, PO33 IBX on behalf of Tom Hamley, 28, West Hill Road, Ryde, PO33 1 LQ

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