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Victoria Crescent Depot Site – Update

There is residents’ meeting on the Thursday 19th May at St. John’s Church Hall, High Park Road at 7pm to discuss options regarding the future of the site and agree a way forward.

In February, I informed residents about the sad and sudden death of the owner of the depot site, I am writing to update you of the current situation.

I have now spoken to the Executors of the late owner’s will. They have had the land valued and the intension is to sell the land on the open market. This will take some time but we know now of their intentions. The depot site has two planning permissions currently which are for the use as a storage facility with containers and for the building of four bungalows and one house. The later needs renewal in June 2022, and the Executors are in liaison with an architect to resubmit the application to IW Council as the land has more value with this planning permission in place. Be aware a new owner could use the site as a storage/container site as the planning consent for this use is still active. The Executors have appointed a local contractor to look after the site who is regularly attending to keep an eye on it and keep it tidy etc.

Residents, in my view, have the following options:

  1. Just wait until the land is sold and then rebuild a connection with the new owner.
  2. Local householders adjacent to site, club together and buy site as done in regard St. John’s Park/Wood.
  3. Be proactive and form a residents’ group/association to consider buying the depot and agree the use of the site that benefits the area and their property/needs, which could be for instance a green space.  
  4. A further option is to not only purchase the site but build the homes as planned by the late owner. In regard to this option, I have been in contact with the IW Council’s Community Build officer since February and he is willing to work with residents to establish a community build scheme to build the homes with planning permission and access funding through the IW Council. IW Council is committed to building affordable homes for sale and for rent. The Executors know of this option and residents’ interest and although they have to sell the site for the highest price are willing to consult with residents. See Link: Community Action Isle of Wight Community Led Housing – Community Action Isle of Wight
  5. Other suggestions by residents.

A letter has been sent to all residents that have properties that are physically adjacent to their properties on High Park Road, Little Preston Road, and Victoria Crescent and those near to the access on Victoria Crescent. These residents would directly be affected by what happens to the site.

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