The Roses are Out! – New Weekly Update – Friday 11th June 2021

Michael Lilley's back garden June 2021, roses are out

My garden is awash with colour especially the roses and the they are looking beautiful.

It has been over a month since elected and I am conscious the need to tell everyone what I am doing! It has been a busy four weeks since re-elected as an IW and Ryde Town Councillor representing Ryde Appley and Elmfield Ward and Mayor of Ryde. Below are some of the outcomes worth mentioning:

  1. Alliance Group– At IW Council, I am a member of the new Alliance group (18 seats – independents and Greens) that with the support of 3 other non-Conservative councillors have the leadership of IWC and the ruling administration (Conservatives have 18 seats). I have been appointed Chair of IWC Planning Committee. I am also a member of Corporate Scrutiny, Audit, and Health Scrutiny Committees. I am also the IWC representative on IW Community Action and this links with my existing role as Chair of IW Voluntary Sector Forum. At Ryde Town Council I was re-elected as Mayor. I stood for Ryde Town Council part of the Our Ryde independents and within Ryde Appley & Elmfield now working alongside Our Ryde colleagues, Cllr Lisa Carter and Jenna Sabine.

2. West Acre Park Planning Application – This application is going to IWC Planning committee on the 6th July and as I am Chair of Planning I will stand down at the meeting so Chair for the Vice-Chair, Cllr Geoff Brodie can chair the meeting. I will not vote as it is protocol that members of planning committee do not vote for applications in their ward and this enables me to fully speak against the application. The final Island Roads Report has been published and I am still speaking with officers in regard their final report and recommendation. I am doing everything in my legitimate power to make sure this application is refused. I am also concerned about the current housing building at Hope Road/Westridge Farm as the building contractor has reportedly left the site and I am seeking further information. I will keep people posted.

3. Appley Sink Hole and Southern Water – In partnership with Lisa and Jenna I have written to Southern Water in launching an Appley Emergency Appeal due to the economic and social fall-out caused by the repair work undertaken by Southern Water. I will keep you posted.

4. Splash Park and Canoe Lake – Lisa has been lobbying hard for the Splash Park to re-open and local businesses/volunteers have cleaned it up. I have spoken to Waterside that manage the splash Park with a grant from Ryde Town Council and I have been reassured they do plane to reopen it shortly. I am meeting with IWC officers next week to discuss the future needs of improvement of the Canoe Lake.

5. Appley Road and Wightfibre – I have made formal complaints to IWC and Island Roads about the havoc caused by Wightfibre contractors regarding work on Appley Road and Derwent Drive.

6. High Park Road Resurfacing – August 2021 – I have been reassured by Island Roads and IWC Highways that High Park Road will be re-surfaced in August and I am do everything to make sure it is not re-programmed again.

7. Ryde Arena and Ryde Town Hall – Talks are continuing with the owners of these two buildings and shortly there should be news about Ryde Arena I believe and Ryde Town Council is still in talks with the owner of Ryde Town Hall. Works needed to be done to make the building safe and secure at present, I I believe have been completed.

8. Newsletter and re-instatement of Ward monthly meetings at St.John’s Church – I hope to be circulating a Ward Summer Newsletter in July/August and start mothly meetings back in July but will keep everyone posted.

I will from now on give a weekly report on Fridays.

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