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Sewage on Appley Beach – Sunday 18th April 2021

Source ? - Sewage on Appley Beach, Ryde, Isle of Wight April 2021

Sewage spilled onto Appley beach this weekend and it was reported immediately to IW Council, Southern Water and Environment Agency. Please see the statements I received. I will continue to pursue this incident to make sure the public are safe.

Statement from Southern Water

“I’m writing to let you know that the temporary pumping system bypassing the collapsed sewer at Appley beach failed overnight.

This has resulted in some wastewater escaping out of manhole covers on the promenade.

To ensure the safety of the public we have set up an exclusion zone around the immediate areas.

We are working quickly on the emergency repair and liaising with the Isle of Wight Council and the Environment Agency to minimise impact – we will clean up the area after the issue with the pumps is resolved.”

Statement from IW Council

“As you are probably aware an incident occurred at Ryde whereby  Sewerage has spilled on to the beach. To keep you up to date I would like to provide you with some background information.

Because of the current works taking place at Appley and the over pumping system, one of the generators failed at the Seaview end which resulted in waste water entering the surface drains at Appley. There are three points at which this happened with sewerage flowing on to the beach. The generator is now working and the system is back up and running.

The areas contaminated were located between Appley Café and the Tower. The main section was on the beach opposite the children’s play area. I have attached some photos that were taken shortly after the incident.

To ensure the safety of the public an exclusion zone has been set up around the immediate areas and Southern Water are removing the sand and taking it to a holding area in the upper car park adjacent to their pumping station. They are also pumping and cleaning the areas concerned on and around the lower walk.

In respect of the impact of the Bathing water, this would not have been impacted. The incident took place at low tide and because the contaminated sand has been removed it will not have been effected. However, the Environment Agency are now on site and will liaise with us if they have any concerns.”

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