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15th August 2023

Isle of Wight residents rally to fund Judicial Review of West Acre Park development decision (

Isle of Wight major housing development West Acre Park green light | Isle of Wight County Press

Save Westridge Farm Campaign (

Save Westridge Farm | Facebook

save westridge farm | save westridge farm

I was elected firstly back in 2016 for Ryde Town Council for then Ryde East, later to become Ryde Appley and Elmfield and have been an IW Councillor since 2017. In all that time I have supported the Save Westridge Farm Land Campaign.

I written 100s of emails and letters pointing out error after error to no avail. I have stood up many times at meetings speaking against this application and been mocked and laughed at. IW needs social housing but it also needs to preserve and protect historic Farm land.

The process in my view in getting approval for the 472 houses has been flawed, has many errors and mistakes so I believe residents in my ward are right to take this matter to court and judicial review. People sometimes need to stand up to Governments (National and Local), landowners and developers and say No!, this is wrong and we are challenging your decision! You may have money and wealth and think you are above the law and privileged, but you still have to be accountable to the people in the UK. Generations of citizens have fought for rights, their human rights.

I was elected on the age old principal of representing the people who elected me and making their voices heard and that is why I stood by them in 2016, stood by them through Covid19 pandemic and stand by them now and fully support this campaign to get justice. Only a judge can say whether the people of Ryde have a case and money should not be a barrier to them in getting their voices heard! Please support this campaign.

Residents have sent me their latest posting which states the target had reached £25,170 , but when I checked today, it had gone up to £25,7100 with now 597 pledges from £10 to £500. This is real evidence that local people care enough about this case to give money at a time of cost-of-living crisis! I feel very humble.

Latest up-date from Save Westridge Farm Campaign group as below:

We are on our way to get this case to court!

Thank you the 594 pledgers/citizens who have got us past the milestone of £25000 and as at today you have raised £25170!

Our target of £39,300 is now only £14,130 away which means we are 64% nearly there. We have until 15th September 2023 to hit the target and we believe together we can do this and we need your continuation of support and belief in getting there!

The Save Westridge Farmland Legal Team is working hard and on or around the 25th August 2023 starts the first stage of the process to get the case to court by the 15th September 2023 and your financial support is enabling them to do this. And what a strong case you have as it’s the people’s (Islanders) case against the wealth of a local authority, a landowner and developer.

On the 25th August 2023 when the first stage is completed we will publish the correspondence sent to IW Council as this will at that point be in the public domain.

It is happening and you are making it happen, the people/residents are not sitting down and being walked over, we are standing up and saying “No!”. We care about our environment, the climate change crisis, preserving nature and protected species, and more importantly we care about social justice and human rights!

How we can get to the new target of £14,130!

594 pledges of £24 =   £14130!

283 pledges of £50 =   £14130!

142 pledges of £100 = £14130!

71 pledges of £200 =   £14130!

29 pledges of £500 =   £14130!

15 pledges pf £1000 =  £14130!

Pledge today and each pledge/donation gets us and you one step closer to justice for Ryde, the Isle of Wight, for the People and the Environment! Please donate!

POWER TO THE PEOPLE! – There is a great book called People Power which is worth reading!

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