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Ryde Sea Café at Appley Beach

A new outdoor swimming project to help people get out and about, learn about the sea, having fun in an engaging and supported way is launching in Ryde and The Bay.

People’s Health Trust has invested in Swim The Wight for the next 18 months, using money raised by Health Lottery South East.

This money will be used to run two Sea Cafes, a sea swimming project that aims to build positive relationships between people of different ages and backgrounds across the neighbourhoods of Ryde and The Bay.

Sea Cafes offer people the opportunity to connect with others living close to them who share a passion and curiosity for the sea.

Swim the Wight have been successfully running a Sea Café at Yaverland since last September and for a few months at Totland.

The People’s Fund Sea Cafes will be designed and led by the members of the project themselves and activities may vary from week to week, depending on the time of year. The focus will be on getting to know the beaches, becoming comfortable in the sea and enjoying being outside whatever the weather.

People can choose to swim or paddle depending on their mood, the sea conditions and their ability. After our chosen activity we will stop for a cuppa and chat at a local café or picnic area.

Due to funding restrictions these sessions are only open to residents of Ryde, Sandown, Shanklin and Lake. Please contact us for details.


Annabel Stewart, Director of Swim The Wight said: “We are extremely grateful for this funding which will help us to develop the work we do locally.

Through this Sea Cafe programme, we have the opportunity to get to know our community better, discover more about our local beaches and rediscover the benefits of being outside.”

For more information or to get involved, email Annabel Stewart at

01983 539370

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