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Michael Lilley with Benson at Appley Park April 2024

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Michael Lilley with Benson at Appley Park April 2024

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Ryde Interchange project update

July 07, 2022
Source ? - Plan of Ryde Transport Interchange

I have been briefed by the lead IWC officer on the project as follows:

In summary, works remain generally on-track for the bus interchange and associated cycle route links. The pedestrian pier works are due to commence in earnest in September as previously planned. The railway station refurbishment (following the work to create a through-way to the new pier) is being designed and a works programme will be produced in due course. This is not a key concern as it is largely reconfiguration of some of the internal space.

Headlines for key elements of the works this month, July, are:

  • Next week Island Roads will start work to widen the path around Western Gardens
  • The toilet and café block has now been demolished
  • The temporary toilets keep having to be closed on and off due to misuse  but we have improved the maintenance regime to help address this
  • Re-enforcement of the old access road will be completed by the end of next week
  • The new access way to the pier will begin construction shortly after that
  • The cycleway works to the East will continue through this month
  • A planning application for the station will be submitted this month
  • Investigatory works on the pier are progressing well

With the works moving west, new traffic control measure will be put in place for which Island Roads will issue a more detailed stakeholder briefing note shortly.

Island Roads have updated on the Ryde Interchange Project as follows:

“As you know, various partners including the Isle of Wight Council, Wightlink, Southern Vectis and the railway companies are currently collaborating on a scheme to provide better travel connectivity at the interchange as well as much-improved public space for residents and visitors.

Island Roads is working on the Isle of Wight Council element of the project. This work includes the creation of more amenity space, improved pedestrian and cycle links through the Esplanade area and a new layout to the bus station which will enable buses to leave directly on to George Street rather than having to turn at the Dover Street roundabout. There will also be new street furniture and planting throughout the Esplanade. The work is being paid for using Government grant from the Transforming Cities Fund.

From next week (Monday 11) work on the site will be extending to create both a new vehicular access to the pier (which uses less amenity space than the current arrangement) and also a new shared use footway/cycleway alongside Western Gardens.

This work will mean there will be some small temporary adjustments for traffic using St Thomas’ Street and for pedestrians accessing Western Garden.

St Thomas Street

From next week until September, the lower section of St Thomas’ Street between the car park and the Esplanade will be one-way. Traffic will be able to travel up St Thomas’ Street as normal but traffic coming down the hill will only be able to go as far as (and including) the lower St Thomas’ Street car park. Therefore, cars wanting to access Ryde Pier and the Esplanade will have to use Union Street.

Western Gardens pedestrian access

There will be a short diversion in place for people wishing to access Western Garden from the east (pier, bus station, Hovertravel etc). While work is ongoing, pedestrians will not be able to access the garden by walking along the current footway on the northern (seaside) section of the Esplanade. Instead, they will have to cross the road at the existing pedestrian crossing outside The King Lud and then cross again at the foot of Union Street to get to Western Gardens, which is also where the temporary toilets are located. The gardens will still be accessible from the usual approaches to the west. These arrangements will also be in place until September.

There will be a short overlap between the completion of the current work at the Rose Gardens and Ryde Superbowl and the start of the new phase at Western Gardens and these works will be completed later this month.

We would like to assure residents that the works will not prevent the forthcoming events including the IW Scooter Rally, the Tour of Britain and Ryde Carnival from taking place.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your co-operation and support during

this project.

The following map shows the traffic and pedestrian arrangements during the work.”

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