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Michael Lilley as William Hutt with Appley Players at Appley Tower Open Day Ryde 2 July 2022

My next Ward meeting is Thursday 6th October 2022 at 7pm at St. John’s Church Hall, High Park Road, and please do try and come as there is much to discuss in the Ward.

September 2022 Update

West Acre Park – Although planning approval was given last year on the 29th July 2021, consent has not been given. The decision resulted in local residents taking legal action to challenge it and this can only start when consent is granted. I have fought and challenged the delay but received no satisfactory answers. However, it now appears that Natural England have raised concerns about the developer’s environment report which is resulting in the application having to come back to committee sometime in October 2022. I do not as yet the detail but will keep you informed. I know the legal team are ready to go once consent has been issued but this call-back to planning committee will provide opportunity for me as Ward Councillor to raise questions and call for the whole application to be recalled. As you know the planning committee did vote against call-back earlier this year and questions have been raised about the validity of this decision regarding possible manipulation of the vote in favour of against. Again, I have pursued questions and recently resigned as a member of the planning committee due to my concerns. Statement – Resignation from Planning Committee | Michael Lilley  The clear message to residents is that West Acre Park is a long way from resolution and the campaign continues – Save Westridge Farm Campaign (crowdjustice.com)


Again this planning application saga also continues and although has out-line planning permission there is a pending variation planning application waiting to go to planning committee this Autumn. Now I am not on the planning committee I am freer to speak on behalf of residents in regard West Acre Park and Pennyfeathers. Rosemary Vineyard is in the same position and will be coming possibly to planning committee regarding a variation application.

Draft Island Plan

I have been speaking publicly and at IW and RTC Meetings regarding the proposed Island Plan and strongly objected to sites in Bembridge and Freshwater being removed at the disadvantage of Ryde. Ryde has suffered due to the IW Council not having an up-to-date plan which has meant applications like WAP and Pennyfeathers being balanced in favour of sustainable development.

26, Marlborough Road – Multi-Occupancy Change of Use Application

I have been working with local residents on this application. I supported an application to change the use of the building from a small care home to residential/family occupancy which was approved. However, I am challenging with residents the current application to change the use to a 10 person multi-occupancy accommodation. This is manly due to parking and traffic issues. I have requested the application is called to planning committee.

Appley Tower

The final funding application has been made by Natural Enterprise (Charity) and we are currently awaiting a decision. This could mean work on the Tower to rejuvenate, renovate and reopen it, could start this year and in 12 months the work could be completed. This has been a long journey but the Tower has an agreed plan between IW Council, Ryde Town Council and Natural Enterprise. Planning permission has been approved by IW Council on the work. Appley Tower :: Natural Enterprise   There was an Appley Tower day on the 2nd July which saw the premiere of the new Appley Tower Players’ play “Where there is a Will, there is a Way”, English translation of the Latin motto above the doorway of the Tower.  Where there is a Will there is a Way! | Michael Lilley See me as Sir William Hutt in the below photograph.

Michael Lilley as William Hutt with Appley Players at Appley Tower Open Day Ryde 2 July 2022
The Appley Tower Players performing “Where there is a Will, there’s a Way” on 2nd July 2022.

Appley Day – 8th July 2022 10am-4pm

Friends of Appley and Ryde Business Association are organising a celebration of Appley Park on Saturday 8th October 2022. There will a range of activities throughout the park including the opening of the Tower and a performance by the Appley Tower players. If you wish to volunteer on the day or support in any way, please contact me.

By-Election – Ryde Appley and Elmfield Ward

Sadly, Cllr Lisa Carter has stood down as one of the three Ryde Appley and Elmfield Ward councillors due to personal and family reasons. Cllr Alex Sabine, Lisa and I stood for the Our Ryde group at the last elections in 2021 and we all won. Our Ryde is a group of Ryde residents who stand as independents with no major political party affiliation as we believe in local residents who live in a ward should have a stronger voice on what happens in their community. The possible date for the election is on the 3rd November. Although nominations for candidates are not due until 7th October, Our Ryde are supporting West Hill Road resident, Tom Hanley to stand. Tom regularly comes to my Ward meetings and active in a variety of local issues such as West Acre Park campaign, the splash park and Appley Tower/Park.  I will keep you posted when I have more information.

St. John’s Church and Church Hall

The Portsmouth Diocese has appointed a community architectural team to work with parishioners and local residents in regard the future of the church and church hall. The church and hall are an important part of the community of Ryde Appley and Elmfield. I attended a meeting and recently seen the first plans/ideas that have been produced. St. John’s is an important community hub and it is important it is supported to continue and develop. Ryde Town Council has recently appointed a community development worker and Jenna, Tom and I will be working with St. John’s and the Diocese on this community project.

I raised £70 to support St. John’s Church mental well-being group led by David Rowe so they could develop further activities.

Cost-of-Living Crisis and Warm/Safe Places

I recently put forward a motion to RTC to establish a network of warm and supportive places in the centre and around the Town to support residents hit hard by the energy and cost-of-living crisis. This will include working with Oakfield School (community pantry scheme), Ryde Food Bank at Grace’s Church, Sovereign Housing, RTC community development worker, and St. John’s Church to make sure all residents in the Ward have support. The Footprint Trust are supported by RTC and a good source of support. ‘Warm-mates’ answer to staying warm and well… | Michael Lilley There will be a need for local volunteers for this project this winter. Please contact me if you are able to give some time. The main Ryde Warm/Support HUB will be Ryde Library but we are planning once a week there will be one at St. John’s Church Hall. Footprint Trust are recruiting and training energy champion/volunteers and please contact them direct if interested.

St. John’s Wood/Park

Ryde Town Council has established a working group and now teamed up with the Architectural department of University of Portsmouth to engage with local residents in drawing up a sustainable future plan for this important nature area. Tom Hanley, as a West Hill resident, is actively involved in this exciting project.

Victoria Crescent Depot

As you know, the owner/builder for this site died recently. Planning Permission was resubmitted for the site for 4 bungalows and one house by the Executives of the Will so they can sell the land in the open market. This application was approved. I have held meetings with residents and working with John Prickett (IW Community Build Officer) on local residents and veterans to establish a local community build project to acquire the site and build the homes as planned. I will post an update when I have further information.

Tidal Family Support on Rink Road

I have been supporting a fantastic family support project based in the Ward and helped them gain funding. I was honoured recently to present with the IW High Sheriff an award to the CEO, Melanie, for all their work with families in conflict and particularly those experiencing domestic violence. Welcome to Tidal Family Support

October/Autumn 2022 Newlsletter

I am working on getting the newsletter out in the next few weeks and your support is really welcome in the delivery of the next newsletter early October. Also if you wish to help Tom get elected please contact me.  

I have been busy as Mayor of Ryde, in my 4th term, and very proud of how the beach area has developed, especially the revitalisation of the Marina and deck-chairs on the beaches. There have been a host of events and 2022 has been a real revitalisation of the Town.

Hope to see you all on the 6th October and at Appley Day on 8th October. Please support Tom as he will be a real asset to Ryde Town Council and support Jenna and I to represent you.

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