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Ryde Appley and Elmfield Ward Meeting – Thursday 5th October at 7pm at St. John’s Church Hall

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Dear Residents

The next ward meeting to be held is on Thursday 5th October 2023 at 7pm at St. John’s Hall, High Park Road. There will be an update of issues relating to Ryde Appley and Elmfield.

Ryde awarded £20 Million over 10 years by Government

Ryde has been recognised along with 55 other towns across the UK for investment. This recognition builds on the work of Ryde Town Council over the past 4 years in bringing in £16M into the Town directly and through projects.

Isle of Wight coastal town to receive £20m over ten years (updated) (onthewight.com)

Prime Minister puts local people in control of more than £1 billion with long-term plan for left-behind towns – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

55 ‘overlooked’ towns to get £20m each – is yours on the list? | Politics News | Sky News

Ryde Community Development Trust

I chair the new charitable trust and currently we are working on beach accessibility, a community garden, and a new skate park with Ryde Town Council.


The latest newsletter was delivered in September and thank you to all the deliverers who helped me.

Michael-Lilley-Newsletter_RydeAppleyElmfield20.pdf (michaellilley.uk)

Appley Tower and Day

Appley Day was a success and a big thank you to Abi Fox for all her work, supported by Gail Sweatman. The Appley Tower Players performed their latest play – “Wish you were Here”.

The Appley Tower Heritage Project is progressing and in November 2023 the restoration and renovation of the Tower will begin and work is scheduled for 16 weeks. This means the Tower and Art Gallery will be open in 2024.

Community Meal and Support

There is a community meal in a friendly atmosphere every 2nd and 4th Thursday (12pm-4pm) of the month at St. John’s Church Hall. It is a great way to gain support if needed and a way of breaking isolation through meeting other residents in the Ryde Appley and Elmfield Area. Please do encourage others to come, come yourself or promote to other residents. Ryde’s Community Development Worker, Alison Pearce, has produced a Ryde Community Guide which is being distributed to all households.

West Acre Park Up-Date

Since the last meeting, the crowdfunding campaign hit the financial target of £40,000 with 745 pledges. This enabled the case (60 pages) be  filed at the High Court by residents’ lawyers. I will post on my website any updates. The first stage is now awaiting a judge to grant permission for the case to go to Judicial Review.

Save Westridge Farm Campaign (crowdjustice.com)

On the Road to High Court! | Michael Lilley

People power: Isle of Wight residents secure funding for judicial review of council planning decision over Westridge Farm (onthewight.com)

Motion approved by Ryde Town Council

I proposed the motion below to Ryde Town Council at full council on 2nd October 2024 and this was seconded by Cllr Lucioni and approved by full council. This is part of my on-going campaign to make sure Ryde is protected against future developments from inadequate infrastructure in place and residents views and objections are heard more effectively.

  1. RTC reinstates its past position and objections to proposed developments in the South/East Ryde that there should be no development or developments starting until a satisfactory road infrastructure plan is financed and implemented that could cope with large scale development as highlighted by Highways and Island Roads in their objections to developments in South-East Ryde and not accepted by IWLPA. The draft Island Plan should reinforce RTC continuing demand that there has to be a road infrastructure in place in Ryde that can cope with existing traffic and future traffic created by these developments.
  1. RTC ensures and gains support from IW Council/LPA that there is a Ryde Supplementary Planning Document attached to any future Island Plan that is an up-to-date Position Statement and Place plan that has the same strength as a Neighbourhood plan which clearly states Ryde housing needs and that residents/community have engagement/involvement in any future developments. This is enacted prior to any draft Island Plan being accepted/agreed by IW Council.

Please see my website for updates on www.michaellilley.uk

Best wishes

Cllr Michael Lilley

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