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Renaissance of Ryde – Our Ryde Wins By-Election!

Our Ryde’s independent candidate, Tom Hanley, emphatically won on Thursday at the Ryde Appley and Elmfield by-election. He won 416 votes to 124 (Lou Temel – Concerned Resident Awareness Group and Conservative Party member). Our Ryde has 8 of the 16 Ryde Town Councillors and all three seats of Ryde Appley and Elmfield.

Our Ryde with newly elected Cllr Tom Hanley in the middle. Left to Right: Cllrs Michael Lilley, Georgie carter, Phil Jordan, Tom Hanley, Jenna Sabine, Richard May and Simon Cooke. Cllr Jo Elliot (not present) makes up the 8 Our Ryde councillors on Ryde Town Council.

Tom said after being duly elected:

I feel so honoured to be elected by 77% of those who voted especially as they ventured out in the rain. I feel also honoured to stand for Our Ryde, who have achieved so much in our Town which we all love so much. I am happy to join a team of residents who passionately want to find solutions and accentuate the positive.

Deputy Mayor, Our Ryde member for Ryde Appley and Elmfield and owner of Monkton Arts, Cllr Jenna Sabine, stated:

Tom deserves this win as he already works hard in the community and his win shows Our Ryde is a positive brand in Ryde and that after 18 months since the May 2021 elections, when all Our Ryde candidates won, residents still believe in us.”

Cllr Jenna Sabine supporting Tom Hanley on election day.

Cllr Michael Lilley, Our Ryde and Mayor of Ryde stated:

“This is great news. Tom lives in Ryde Appley and Elmfield and already very active. He brings amazing skills to the Ryde team as he has 44 years’ experience in construction and project management. Ryde is growing and in next 12 months there are going to be some amazing building/heritage, restoration projects from Appley Tower to St. Thomas’s Church, to Shademaker’s and Ryde Art’s The Department on Cross Street to Vectis Hall. Tom is such an asset. Ryde is a seaside town on a mission and at heart of this mission is creative and cultural industries. Ryde is a community spirited carnival town that has started a journey of renaissance. In 2022, Ryde community enterprises, businesses, voluntary sector, and Ryde Town Council have been quietly beavering away on building the foundation of a building and creative revolution. In 2023, the seeds sown over the past few years will start to flourish into a colourful display. Funding applications and strategies are now bearing fruits of success. The passion of Our Ryde and other independent councillors on Ryde Town council have strong lived experience who work alongside a highly professional Ryde Town Council team and Ryde stakeholders in bringing Ryde alive, creating jobs, and energising the economy. We love Ryde. Welcome Tom. “

Ryde Appley and Elmfield Our Ryde councillors (Cllrs Tom Hanely, Jenna Sabine and Michael Lilley) celebrating the funding news from the National Lottery to support the renovation of Appley Tower.

Our Ryde is a group of independents for Ryde, who believe in action and solutions to positively develop opportunities and support inclusively for all residents at grassroots level.

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