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Planning Applications in Ryde Appley & Elmfield Ward – Updates

Destruction of ancient farmland and ecological habitat Westridge Farm by West Acre Park development 2021

This is an update to inform residents of Ryde about the current position in regard pending large planning applications in East of Ryde.


The Pennyfeathers Reserved Matters Planning Application will be back in front of IW Planning Committee on Wednesday 12th April 2023 at County Hall. This is a continuation of the previous meeting. Pennyfeathers is within Ryde South-East Ward which neighbours Ryde Appley and Elmfield Ward.

Controversial Pennyfeathers housing development still undecided after marathon council meeting (onthewight.com)

PENNYFEATHERS DECISION PUSHED BACK AGAIN AS COUNCILLORS RUN OUT OF TIME TO DISCUSS – Island Echo – 24hr news, 7 days a week across the Isle of Wight

West Acre Park

The WAP Planning Application has been differed to the Planning Committee to be held on 25th April 2023 at 4pm at County Hall. Although the application was approved 21st July 2023, consent has not been given and it has had to come back to planning committee due to changes needed to conditions in regard protected habitat of Solent Waders and Migration Birds. The Application is having to be dealt with in its “entirety” and this involves the application being dealt with on the 25th April as if it is a new application with objectors, applicants, local Town and Parish Councils able to speak. This will include a new site visit to the site.

Isle of Wight housing development West Acre Park decision deferred | Isle of Wight County Press

West Acre Park: Planning committee have three options to consider (onthewight.com)

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