Next Ward Meeting and Latest Update – 3rd February

Appley Tower, Appley Beach, Ryde, Isle of Wight

The next Ward meeting is Thursday 3rd February at 7pm at St.John’s Church Hall and I encourage you to come as we have much to discuss.

Agenda,Update and Issues to Discuss

  1. Westridge Farm & West Acre Park Application – Consent to planning permission has not as yet been approved as S106 legal agreement not completed. The Resident’s legal team are ready to issue proceedings for Judicial Review once consent is granted by IW Council. See Crowdfunding site to access the letter sent to IW Council from Solicitors – Save Westridge Farm Campaign (  Sadly, the tenant farmers at Westridge Farm have decided to accept an offer from developers/landowners to leave the farm as they feel they cannot continue the fight – Save Westridge Farm – Home | Facebook and Save Westridge Farm campaign has been a real community voice to preserve our identity and connection between a town and the countryside ( A motion was going to be brought to Planning Committee on the 24th January to recall the application but was withdrawn due to the Holliday’s action What’s next for Isle of Wight’s Westridge Farm as motion withdrawn? | Isle of Wight County Press  Residents need to discuss the latest developments and advise me of what are there wishes in going forward.
  1. Victoria Depot – Sadly, the developer/builder, Steve Darch died recently and my heart goes out to his family at this difficult time. Steve had nearly finalised everything for building to start very shortly but this will not happen now as he was a one-man band and there is no-one to take over. It is early days to speculate what is going to happen but it is likely the site will be sold with the planning approval to build 4 bungalows and 1 house. I sent a letter to all households which border the depot. I have made contact with IW Council about how the site proposal could go ahead in the future. Residents need to discuss how we move forward.
  1. Appley Park Sink Hole, Appley Tower and Activities in 2022 – The Sink hole work is nearly completed and Southern Water soon should be off the site. I have had meetings with Southern Water and discussed compensation and establishment of an Appley Park Community Fund and their commitment to invest into the Park. I am planning a Meeting in February 2022 at Ryde Rowing Club to bring all those with an interest and who are interested in the Park/Beach together to discuss the needs of the area. Plans for Appley Tower are progressing and preparation for a substantial funding bid are under way and led by Natural Enterprise – Appley Tower :: Natural Enterprise Ryde Town Council and IW Council have agreed to £40K each for match funding. Planning Permission for needed works and to make it more accessible/sustainable for the future is shortly to be submitted. There are already plans for a range of new activities in the Park such as on 23rd April (Shakespeare’s birthday) a Shakespeare in the Park and Tower day. Any residents interested in drama and would like to be involved, let me know. Ryde Town Council are investing in the Appley Toilets to improve showers, toilet facilities and build storage space so beach equipment can be stored. IW Council are undertaking tree work.  
  1. St.John’s Park/Wood – Ryde Town Council has budgeted in 2022/23 funds to purchase the Park/Woods from the Trust that currently own it and discussing with Natural Enterprise about managing it but there needs to be consultation with residents on West/East Hill that back onto the Woods about the future of this natural/green space and its future maintenance/use.
  1. Ryde – Wider and Other Developments – There are some exciting developments in Ryde such as Ryde Marina development/investment.
  1. Other Ward Issues/concerns
  1. Ryde Appley and Elmfield Residents Association and Newsletter – I am working on the next Newsletter to go out in February but do need the Residents Association to progress and take over the newsletter, so looking for volunteers and volunteers/residents to get more involved in the above issues/projects.
  1. Date of Next Meeting – Thursday Day 3rd March at 7pm.

Please do come along so I can get your views on the above and so I can hear about any other issues and concerns you wish me to take up. Please check out my website

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