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Michael’s 9th Annual Pancake Day Event!

Pancake Day, Annual Fundraising for Foodbank

Tuesday 13th February 2024

Champion flipper to defend title at Ryde’s Pancake Day fundraiser (onthewight.com)

Every year since 2016, I have hosted a Ryde annual Pancake Challenge Event, which has two aims:

  1. Raise awareness of poverty on the Isle of Wight and particularly in Ryde, the issue of food poverty and insecurity.
  2. Raise the profile of local projects that are tackling food poverty.

In 2023, the Pancake Challenge Day raised £2000 and £500 each was given to 4 Ryde/Isle of Wight projects which were Oakfield Pantry, Ryde/IW FoodBank, Ryde Aspire and Oakvale Food Share.

In 2024, my theme is highlighting the work of three projects that in different ways including tackling food poverty in Ryde and these are John’s Club (Slade Road, Oakfield, Ryde), Tidal Family Support (Rink Road), and Ryde FoodBank/IW FoodBank, Grace’s Church, Marlborough Road, Ryde (See their websites below).

These great projects literally save lives and are needed to support the most vulnerable and poorest in our community. In 2024, sadly these projects and other local food projects are seeing a huge increase in residents needing support. We should not have the level of food poverty in the UK, we are seeing and it is wrong; but for now we need to support these projects and ones like them to help residents in crisis today.

This year’s event on Tuesday 13th February 2024 is at two main venues:

  1. 10.30am at Pickle and Dill – Pickle & Dill Delicatessen | Deli in Ryde | 51 Union Street, Ryde, UK (pickleanddill.co.uk) – The ninth annual Ryde Pancake Challenge – Bob Wright, Chef, at HOME | Paseo (paseoiow.co.uk) will be defending his title. You have to flip as many pancakes in 1 minute! All challengers (entry fee £5 junior £10 senior) can challenge Bob! All funds will be shared between IW FoodBank and Tidal Family Support. Just turn up on the day.
  2. 6pm-8pm at John’s Club, Slade Road, Oakfield – Grace’s Bakery – Welcome | Grace’s Bakery (gracesbakery.uk) is supporting pancake making and there will two Pancake Challenges – The Peter May High Heeled Pancake Race as well as the John’s Club Pancake Flipping Challenge.

The 9th Annual Event is thanks to the collaboration of support from Sarah Redrup of Grace’s Bakery, Peter May, Nicola, Dani and Bob of Pickle and Dill, John and Jane of John’s Club, and Melanie and her team at Tidal Family Support.

John’s Club – JOHN’S CLUB ISLE OF WIGHT (johnsclubisleofwight.com)

Tidal Family Support – Welcome to Tidal Family Support

IW Food Bank – Isle of Wight Foodbank | Helping Local People in Crisis

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