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Mayor’s Annual Report

May 15, 2021

60911189121ce.pdf ( Beacon Magazine Pages 26-27 2020-21

Mayors-Annual-Report-2019-20.pdf 2019-20

On Monday 17th May 2021, I would have completed two years as Mayor of Ryde which I am very proud. The last year I have been a Covid19 Mayor and seen the total transformation of the Town Council. In those two years, the Council went from a very disunified organisation to one that has a 5 year Corporate Plan, a Place Plan and Vision. There has been a total change of the senior management team with a number of new recruits. The May election has seen all but two of the 16 Council seats elected (only 45% in 2017) and only 6 previous councillors with 10 newly elected councillors. At this point RTC has an enthusiastic team of staff that will work alongside a more diverse, younger, enthusiastic and more representative set of Councillors. Please click onto the above links to see the full reports. Ryde Town Council not only supported its community through Covid19 but built a solid investment based recovery plan to come out of lockdown in 2021 that will create opportunity, jobs, future for young people, develop the community, build the economy, attract funding and investment and tackle poverty in the Town.

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