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High Park Road to be resurfaced August 2021!

I know everyone in the Ward has heard this before from Island Roads that High Park Road is going to be resurfaced and then days before it is due to happen, they have pulled out. The last time was last year. High Park Road was due to be re-surfaced in October 2020 and then Wightfibre came along, and it was re-scheduled.

I had a meeting with IW Council Highways, Island Roads senior management team and the new Cabinet Member of IWC Transport and Infrastructure, and I was promised that High Park Road from Arundel Road to Great Preston Road was being re-surfaced in August 2021. They claim that HP Road from St. John Church to Arundel road is not needed to be re-surfaced at this time. I am challenging this.

I asked Island Roads for a programme of all the roads in the Ward and dates of future works so I can make residents aware.

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