Michael Lilley with Benson at Appley Park April 2024


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Michael Lilley with Benson at Appley Park April 2024

Isle of Wight East

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Michael Lilley with Benson at Appley Park April 2024

Isle of Wight East


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Flooding and Other Updates? Action Taken by Cllr Lilley!

View from Appley Beach looking east November 2023

Further update to: Flooding in the Ward and Action I am taking! | Michael Lilley

It has been a busy week and I have been principally supporting residents who have been affected by the floods. I have been advocating support for a number of individual residents, and writing extensively to get answers to residents’ questions from the Environment Agency, Southern Water, Islands Roads, and IW Council. I have been working with Ryde Town Council Team and Ryde Aspire to get support targeted to people in need.

This update provides information, updates, support details and details of the questions I have been asking. There are two meetings arranged where residents can catch up and ask questions.

  1. Meeting 1 – Simeon Arms at 6pm on Wednesday 8th November 2023 – This meeting organised by Cllr Karen Lucioni (Ryde MonktonMead) and Strand Residents’ Association to discuss the flooding and the recovery plan. The Environment Agency, Southern Water and IW Council representatives will be there.
  2. Meeting 2 – Ryde Appley and Elmfield rescheduled Ward meeting on 16th November at 7pm at St.John’s Church Hall, High Park Road – This will be an opportunity to speak about the floods and the recovery.

Flood Support

If you have any specific needs or questions regarding the floods in Ryde, do email iwcfloodrecovery@iow.gov.uk

If you are really struggling with the after affects of the flood and need urgent support do email iwcflood recovery@iow.gov.uk or ring Living Well (Ryde Aspire) and ask for Debbie on 01983-240732 or/as well as Age UK – Care Navilgators (Over 55 plus) 01983-525282. Further useful numbers and information below.

Tidal Family Support ( Welcome to Tidal Family Support ) on the Rink Road is a fantastic charity that supports families that have broken up and is the only independent contact centre on the Isle of Wight. They were completely flooded out. I have been supporting them and Cllr Sarah Redrup and I have supported them in setting up a fundraising appeal:

Fundraiser by Sarah Redrup : Help Tidal Family Support Rebuild After Flooding (gofundme.com)

Fundraising Appeal for Families and those hit hardest by the flooding

I am currently working with Ryde Town Council, Ryde Aspire and Living Well Project, and Ryde Community Development Trust in raising funds to go to families/residents facing real hardship due to the floods. In the meantime whilst we put an appeal in place, you can donate electronically by donating to Ryde Community Development Trust ( currently Wight Ice Leisure Limited (Charity) by sending funds to:

Account Name: Wight Ice Leisure Ltd

Bank: Santander

Sort Code: 09-01-29

Account Number – 13172262

Reference: Flood

All monies donated will go direct to families/residents affected by recent floods. I am Chair of the Trust.

More details about Ryde Community Development Trust support for local projects in Ryde – Unveiled: Ryde Community Development Trust’s continuous support for aspiring skaters (onthewight.com)

Questions to Corporate Committee at County Hall on Tuesday

These are the questions I put to the Corporate Scrutiny Committee meeting last night and I will post the full answers when I receive them in writing. There is a full investigation under way. I am asking further questions at the Cabinet Committee meeting on Thursday 9th November at 5pm at County Hall. Members of the public can go along and ask questions in public question time.

In light of the recent flooding in Ryde and across the Island, there appears to be evidence of poor communication between the agencies particularly Environment Agency, Southern Water, Island Roads, IW Council, Parish and Town Councils, Emergency Services and other stake holders. This has left residents, families, businesses and other organisations who have been directly flooded feeling not listened too, abandoned, angry, and in their eyes unsupported.

  1. Who is responsible corporately overall for such a crisis on the Isle of Wight and what is IW Council as the Unitary Authority doing about improving communication particular in short-term and how are they communicating to the public, especially those who do not have benefit of internet (note most flooded households lost their internet)?  – Please not a huge amount of internet/on-line information was sent out often after the event. If you didn’t pick it on-line, you would not have known.
  1. What is the current emergency plan were agencies following and can this plan be made available? Was it followed?
  1. Post-Covid19 all Parish and Town Council alongside IW Council had Resilience and Crisis/Emergency Plans in place. There is one in Ryde Town Council. Why hasn’t IW Council fully recognised these plans alongside their emergency plans and why was there an observed lack of a lead coordinating body bringing all the agencies together in a joined up and coordinated way?
  1. What is IW Council doing to get help out to people in need of support due to the flooding now, when it matters?

Flooding and rain updates 8th November 2023:

Council tax and business rates support for flooded properties

Private homes

If you have had to leave your home because of flooding, you may be able to apply for help with your council tax.
You can apply for a Council Tax Discretionary Reduction on our website.
Please give us as much information as possible when you apply. Upload any supporting evidence like photos of damage. We may also need to visit the property.

If you need more information, please contact the council tax team on 01983 823901 or email council.tax@iow.gov.uk with the subject ‘Flooding Support’.

Business premises

If you’re a business owner and you’ve not been able to operate due to flooding at your premises, please contact the business rates team on 01983 823920 or email business.rates@iow.gov.uk. They will be able to advise you whether there is any assistance available and how to apply.

What to do with sandbags

There is useful information on what to do with used and unused sandbags on the flooding page on our website. Some basic tips are:

Unused sandbags

  • Where possible, store full bags that have not come into contact with floodwater in a dry shady place to use another time. 
  • You can empty sacks and keep them dry for re-use. Store the sand in your garden for future use.
  • If you don’t want to store the sandbags, put empty bags can be placed in your normal household waste and dig the sand into your garden. You can take the sand to the household waste recycling centre.

Used sandbags

  • Sandbags tend to retain things like sewage and oils when they come into contact with floodwater. Please wear gloves and wash your hands well after touching them. 
  • If sandbags are contaminated by floodwater, you should take them to your local household waste recycling centre. Please tell the staff that they have been contaminated.
  • If you can’t do this, please contact us on 01983 823111 for different options. 
  • Do not put full sandbags or the sand in your household waste.
  • Do not allow children to play with the sand or place it in sand pits due to the risks from possible contamination.
  • If in doubt, contact our Environmental Health team on 01983 823000 for advice.

Are your sandbags contaminated?

  • Used sandbags are not classified as contaminated if they:
    • Were used to retain surface water or ground water, which has had no or short term and limited exposure to sewage.
    • Do not smell of sewage or oil.
    • Show no visual signs of being contaminated by sewage or oil.
  • Used sandbags are classified as contaminated if they:
    • Were used to retain raw sewage.
    • Were used to protect/retain sources of oil.
    • Were used to retain surface water/groundwater, which has had continual exposure to sewage or oils.
    • Smell of sewage or oil.
    • Show visual signs of being contaminated by sewage or oil.

You can book a same day slot at our household waste recycling centres on our website

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Please encourage your residents to stay safe when they’re out and about

During and after stormy weather, the coast can be dangerous:

  • Stay away from esplanades, promenades, cliffs or beaches.
  • Be aware overtopping waves can wash people and property out to sea.
  • Stay away from cliff tops and below as cliff falls can happen at any time.
  • Be careful visiting the coast even when the weather is better. Esplanades, promenade and cliffs will be slippery and have debris washed up on them.
  • After a storm it can take time to repair damage to coastal structures. Stay safe. Stay aware of your footing and the hazards around you.

If you see someone in danger, call 999. 

Cost of Living support

Use our cost of living web pages to see what’s available near you. You can also call us on 01983 823134. 

Contact Citizens Advice Isle of Wight on 0800 144 88 48 or enquiries@iwcab.org.uk. Their advice is free, confidential and independent. They can help with debt, benefits, legal advice and much more. 

Contact The Footprint Trust for free advice or call them 01983 822282. 

Use the connect4communities website to see what other support is available in your area.

The government Help for Households website has information about help with childcare costs, benefits and many other schemes. 

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Community pantries and larders are free to join

  • Community pantries are free to join.
  • Anyone can use them to top up their weekly shop – you don’t need to be on benefits.
  • Join a pantry and for £5 a week, receive over £15 worth of food.
  • You don’t need a referral, contact your nearest pantry directly to join. 

East Cowes Community Pantry
Community Spirited, Vectis Road, East Cowes, PO32 6HN
01983 296592
Opening hours:
Tuesday, 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Wednesday and Thursday, 10:30am to 12:30pm

Ventnor Community Pantry 
Baby Box, Victoria Street, Ventnor, PO38 1EJ
07961 959003
Opening hours:
Tuesday 3pm to 6pm
Saturday 11am to 2pm

Ryde Community Pantry

Oakfield CE Primary School, Appley Road, Ryde, PO33 1NE
01983 563732
Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
3.00pm to 4.30pm

Newport Community Pantry

The Pyle Street Pantry, 98 Pyle Street, Newport, PO30 1UH
Opening hours:
Wednesday 11am to 1pm and 5pm to 7pm

Pan Community Larder for East Newport residents
Downside Community Centre, Furrlongs, Newport, PO30 2AX.
01983 248170
Opening hours:
Tuesday and Friday 12pm to 2pm

Find out more about getting hold of affordable food on our website
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Find a Warm Welcome Space

There’s a great network of Warm Welcome Spaces across the Island. These friendly spaces are run by the community for the community.

In a Warm Welcome Space you might find support and advice, tea and coffee, other refreshments, games, crafts and you’ll always find a friendly face and someone to chat to.

There’s a list of Warm Welcome Spaces on our website.

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Community Capacity grant funding

Grants of up to £3,000 are available to help providers organise activities, clubs or groups for families, parents/carers and/or young people up to the age of 19 (up to 25 with specified additional needs).

Examples of things the grants could be used for include:

  • detached/outreach youth work
  • family-based groups
  • mental health and wellbeing sessions
  • peer support groups
  • outreach support and community-led groups

The grant application closes at midday on 11 November 2023.

Find out more and apply for a Community Capacity grant

It is also worth signing up for Community Action IW’s e-newsletter if you haven’t already, as this has a good round up of funding opportunities available.

Free mutual exchange event for social housing tenants who rent on an assured tenancy basis. Please share.

Is your home too big or too small?
Come along to our Island HomeFinder free mutual exchange event, where we can start to help you find a home that meets your needs. 

Wednesday 29 November
Drop-in sessions between 10am and 2pm
Lord Louis Library, 44 Orchard Street, Newport PO30 1LL

Register your interest by emailing: housing@iow.gov.uk or call 01983 823040.

Web: www.iow.gov.uk

Get support with the cost of living on the Isle of Wight Council website

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