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Flood Alert – 1750pm Monday 13th November for 14th November!

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Flood alert for Isle of Wight coast: High tide and wind may cause disruptions say Environment Agency (onthewight.com)

Click on the above for a new flood alert tomorrow.

The Environment Agency has issued a flood alert for the Isle of Wight coast.

Flooding is possible around the coast of the Isle of Wight and residents are urged to ‘Be prepared’.

The flood alert, issued at 5.27pm, reads:

Tuesday morning’s tide at 11:09 on 14/11/2023 is higher than normal due to unsettled weather with strong Westerly Force 5 winds. The weather increases tide table values by 0.47 m. The total forecast tide is 4.78 metres Chart Datum (2.19 mAOD) at Cowes.

For 1 hour either side of high water, very minor impact flooding will affect some sea front roads, esplanades and car parks across the Island.

Water will be high up slipways in Cowes, affecting Medina Road and the floating bridge. In East Cowes, sea water forced up through drains may cause very minor impacts to the road at Albany Road.

After this tide‚ the weather becomes more settled‚ so levels will reduce and no further impacts are expected. We continue to monitor the forecast.

At Medina Road, near the Floating Bridge, the tide may rise to be only 0.1m below the top of front door steps. As a precautionary measure, and if you have it, we recommend that flood protection is installed at Medina Road 1 hour before high tide.

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