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Extreme rain and sewage overflows threaten Isle of Wight’s Environment

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I have launched at petition as a way of enabling residents to raise their concerns to IW Council about recent extreme weather on the Isle of Wight. If you agree with the below please sign the petition. This helps me in getting your voices heard. We need action in 2024 before more homes are lost and lives changed for ever.

Petition · Save Isle of Wight from Environmental Realities of Climate Change! · Change.org

Isle of Wight Residents who live on the East and South Coastal side of the Island have recently experienced the hardship and anxiety of seeing their homes affected by flooding and landslides. All Islanders are seeing the realities of extreme and torrential rainfalls.

100% Increase in Rainfall on Isle of Wight – October 2023

The Isle of Wight has traditionally experienced constant relative humidity levels between 79% and 83%. Rainfall patterns on the Isle of Wight are variable with the least rainfall occurring in the summer months (24mm) and the most rainfall occurring in the autumn and winter months (63mm in November). The average rainfall ranged from 45mm (1.8in) in the driest months (June, July) to 115 mm (4.5 in) in the wettest month (October). 

In 2023, this has dramatically changed with 110 mm in August, 64 mm in September, 250 mm in October, and 200 mm in November. This accounts for an increase of rainfall by 100%. 

This torrential rain near coastal settlements such as Ryde and Ventnor is causing serious flooding and landslides which is seeing residents losing their homes and livelihood’s. The IW Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2018 and in 2023 we are seeing the realities of the Emergency. 

Sewage into the Sea!

From March 2022 to March 2023 there were 16787 hours when sewage was discharged by Southern Water into our waters. In October and November there was a single duration event lasting 681 hours at Sandown. The environmental combination of surface rainfall and sewage releases is getting so regular and significant that you cannot describe this other than an environmental crisis and emergency.

This pollution into the sea and on our beaches if it continues will destroy marine life such as the rare sea grass fields and make bathing in the sea unsafe. 

Call to IW Council to Declare an Emergency/Crisis!

This petition is calling IW Council and the Government:

  1. To recognise that the 100% increase in rainfall in October, November, and December 2023 has had tragic consequences and that there has to be an urgent investigation and rethink in planning strategy in relation to climate change, soil erosion/landslides, and flooding.
  2. To work with Southern Water and Surfers Against Sewage to get an Island-Wide strategy that reduces to zero sewage overflows in the future. The Surfers Against Sewage Manifesto states “Complete end to untreated discharges affecting bathing waters and popular water usage areas by 2030”.

For more information about Surfers Against SewageSouth East – Surfers Against Sewage (sas.org.uk)

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