Easter 2022 Weekend Update

The sun is shining and it looks like a glorious Easter weekend for Ryde.

Appley Park is now fully back to normal after the completion of the Southern Water works although the final completion opposite the Splash Park has a few weeks to go. The Appley Park car park is back in use so Appley Park can be fully enjoyed this weekend.

Appley Toilets – are now open after extensive repairs.

Appley Play Park – is fully open and sand replaced.

Ryde Marina – Ryde Town Council has taken control and has a new office there which is worth a visit. It was back in 2018, when I started to campaign for RTC to takeover the harbour, gain investment and prevent it being sold off to a private dredging company. RTC’s beach operation is also based at the Marina and there will be deckchairs and other beach equipment on Ryde beaches throughout the summer.

Eastern Gardens – This weekend Ticket to Ryde events will take place and this is the first year where RTC will be managing Eastern Gardens (IWC previously) and there are events planned throughout the summer. This again is historic as Ryde beaches and gardens are starting to be managed locally and not from Newport. This will give better collaboration with local organisations and residents.

Ticket to Ryde event returns this Easter with live music from Real Dead Ringer – The Meat Loaf Show and more (onthewight.com)

Do check out Ryde Town Council’s website and Facebook page Ryde Town Council and for latest events and news there Facebook page – (20+) Ryde Town Council | Facebook

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