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I am attending and supporting the Campaign to Stop raw sewage on Isle of Wight beaches including Appley and Ryde beaches. There is a Paddle Out rally at Appley Beach on Saturday 20th May at 12.00pm.

I am currently working with Southern Water on a Ryde Water Charter and also working with Surfers Against Sewage in stopping releases of sewage onto our beaches.

Chani from Surfers Against Sewage and Ryde resident states: “Clean seas should be a right not a privilege. With the Isle of Wight featuring in 12 out of 83 worst beaches in the UK for sewage discharge in 2022 it is time we put action in to fix the issue.”

Chani continues: “I want to use my time in collaborative activism to help try to #endsewagepollution. I want to work with Southern Water and any other interested parties to take any action we can as quickly as we can to have our seas clean again. I have a seat at a quarterly strategic meeting for Pathfinder project and use this to ask challenging questions to local issues and give transparency. Nationally SAS have similar positions to ask for compliance of OFWAT (the regulatory body for water) and hold water companies to account. SAS also lobby government for action on ending sewage pollution“. 

SAS call for on their Dirty Money Campaign

Here is the itinerary  

Welcome – What SAS do and safety briefing- Chani from Surfers Against Sewage

David from FAECES -how East Cowes got bathing water status. In person 

Mike Owens – Hayling Sewage Watch importance of data. Speech sent by email 

Cllr Michael Lilley (former Mayor of Ryde and IW Council Lib Dem Councillor for Ryde Appley and Elmfield including Appley and Ryde beaches and IW Council Chair of Health Scrutiny and Policy Committee ) – Ryde Water Charter – in person 

Then out on the water should be just after high tide about 1230

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