Beach Sports Festival on Appley Beach – 29th-30th July 2023

Source ? - Ariel view Appley Beach Ryde

Wight Wave Beach Fest and Youth Trust unite in support of youth mental health (

I will be at Appley Beach this Saturday and Sunday supporting Wight Wave’s Beach Fest which follows the successful South Island Sevens last weekend. Appley Beach has become the home to beach sports on the Island with International recognition.

The official charity this year is Isle of Wight Youth Trust which I am a Trustee so this year I have an even more special interest. It is a wonderful event and brings many generations together. In the last 4 years I supported the event as Mayor as Ryde Town Council has supported the event from the beginning. This year I support it as the Ward Councillor for Ryde Appley and Elmfield and a Trustee of IW Youth Trust, but I also support it as a local resident. It is just wonderful to see the 1000s of participants, families, children and spectators have a wonderful day out. Luke Kerr of Wight Wave and his Team do a fantastic job. Please go and see.

Mayor Michael Lilley at Appley Beach Sports and Football Festival 2020

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