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Appley Day and Appley Tower Players!

October 10, 2022
Michael Lilley as William Hutt with Appley Players at Appley Tower Open Day Ryde 2 July 2022

Saturday 8th October saw the glorious return of the Appley Tower Player’s and their play, “Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way” which celebrates Appley Tower and Shakespeare. The idea of the play written and directed by Rebecca Tremain was to develop the concept of Appley Tower, Beach and Park being a venue for outdoor theatre productions especially bringing the Iconic Tower alive.

Local resident, Christine Tout said:

We thoroughly enjoyed the performances by all the Appley Players. We thought the players were all marvellous and what talent, including Cllr Michael Lilley. Very good voice projection Michael – you have had lots of practice with that! Thanks to everyone for putting on a great performance.

Sir William Hutt (Michael Lilley) and Miss Brigstock (Maureen Sullivan) performing in Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way in Appley Park!
Juliet (Natalie) and Romeo (Olly) performing the famous Shakesperean lovers’ scene on the balcony of Appley Tower.
Henry V (Olly)

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