Appley Beaches and Sink Hole Update.

Rubbish from Appley Beach Litter Pick Ryde

I reported to IW Council the issue of broken bottles and glass on the beach by Appley Tower. IWC beach contractors were instructed to attend the area on Sunday morning. They collected 50 bottles and a bucket load of broken glass, see photo . 

I also asked IWC officers about the current April 2021 condition of the beach. I was told the sand levelling work is due to commence on 19 April 2021. This will see the height at Appley lowered with the shingle bank at Puckpool levelled, this will then be followed with sand being removed from the Harbour and spread across the beach between the Tower and Puckpool point. Following this the annual beach cleaning provided by the Council will commence on 01 May 2021. I believe that the Ryde Town Council’s to up services will commence at the same time, which will include the provision of the beach bins.

Regular inspections of the beach and surrounding areas is carried out by our Environment Officers, who do report issues back to us which is then shared with Southern Water if necessary.

In regard to the Sink Hole, below is the latest update I had from Southern Water (1st April 2020):

“We (Southern Water) undertook preliminary investigations into the cause of the collapse last week.

Our intention was to use a camera to capture the sewer, however this had to be abandoned on health and safety grounds due to the presence of large boulders inside the sewer.

It is thought these 500mm boulders entered the sewer from the ground above when it collapsed.

Removing these boulders safely whilst maintaining the integrity of the sewer and surrounding ground will take careful planning and consideration.

Our next plans are to construct a shaft to the west of the sinkhole location, to gain access to the sewer where it is likely to be clearer.

During this time pedestrian access will be maintained but the road remains closed to vehicles.”

I will keep residents posted.

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