Annual Report as an IW Councillor

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Cllr Michael Lilley – Ryde Appley and Elmfield

Annual Report 2022-23 – Isle of Wight Council

I have to submit every year an annual report to IW Council members’ pages and below is my latest report. This does not include my work as Ryde Town Council and I am currently writing my Mayor’s Annual Report for the Ryde Town Council AGM on 15th May 2023.


It has been a busy year within Ryde Appley and Elmfield Ward with supporting and advocating for 166 residents with specific cases including homelessness, cost-of-living crisis, and health issues and need for support. The top 5 ward issues that I am continually working on are cost-of-living crisis and poverty, dog-fouling on pavements, traffic and parking, pot-holes and road issues, Appley Park and Beach, and planning applications for developments. The latter takes up considerable time and I have supported local residents in campaigning and objecting to 5 applications over the year. I have seen funding finally secured for Appley Tower renovation, secured compensation from Southern Water for sinkhole for local projects, supported road improvements, reduced dog-fouling by working with environmental officers, and supported the establishment of a local community warm space HUB through the winter to help residents through cost-of-living crisis.  I raised £2000 for local food security projects and had a successful motion at IW Full Council to reduce child poverty. I have also campaigned and negotiated with Southern Water to reduce raw sewage being on Ryde beaches.

IW Council Roles and Committee Membership

I have been active on IW Council as follows:

  • Vice-Chair of IW Council – supported the Chair of Council, Claire Critchinson throughout the year and attended several events representing the IW Council
  • Vice-Chair of Audit Committee – attended meetings and worked with Chair and IWC Finance team to improve IWC Audit process.
  • IW Council Mental Health Champion – Actively worked with IWC Public Health and IW Health Watch teams in establishing an annual Mental Health small grants fund for community and grass-roots projects that promote and support mental-well-being across the Island. I have actively attended a range of meetings to advocate improvements in mental health services across the Island and attended local, regional and national events.
  • Vice-Chair of Health Scrutiny Committee – Actively worked with the Chair of the Committee and health stakeholders on the Island to improve health services. I have focused on improving dentistry, GP surgeries, mental health and dementia services, suicide prevention, support for carers, and support for those with cancer. I initiated and secure funding for a LGA Peer Review for Improving Suicide Strategy and Mental Health Services on Isle of Wight.
  • IWC representative on IWC Pension Board – attended meetings of Board and IWC Pension Committee.
  • IWC representative on IW Community Action – I am a strong advocate and supporter of IW Voluntary Sector and attend IWCA Board meetings and work closely with the IWCA team in achieving strong community resilience.

Communication with Residents

I hold monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month, produced 3 newsletters going to all households in 2021/22 including e-newsletter, and have a regularly updated website Website:

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