Working on behalf of the Community

Michael Believes in:

“Working for you in a changing world

to make Ryde Appley and Elmfield a better place to live”

Michael’s Priorities:

Save Westridge Farm, Green Space and Climate Change

–  Saving this historic and sustainable farm and the green space it encompasses is essential for a climate change strategy. Improve and increase green space available to residents and visitors.


–  Campaigning for real Social and Affordable Housing through small housing projects on brownfield sites in Ryde.

Celebrate Ryde’s assets and rebuild the Town post Covid19

–  Revitalise our Town’s economy, support our businesses, create jobs and celebrate our heritage.

Support our Young People, Care for our Elders and Create an Accessible Environment for All

–  Have inter-generational and access polices that create inclusivity and sustainability.

Mental Well-Being of all residents and community

–  Make sure all Ryde residents and families, post Covid19 get the support at local level as a priority.

Recent Posts:

West Acre Park Planning Approval has now been given consent!
West Acre Park Planning Approval has now been given consent!

Westridge Farm's future: Council greenlights 472 homes, residents to seek judicial review (updated) ( IW Council sent out the consent dated the 4th August 2023. The permission letter is to Westridge Village Ltd which is the legally...

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Michael successfully re-elected
Isle of Wight Councillor and Ryde Town Councillor

Ryde Appley and Elmfield 6th May 2021 Election Results:

Isle of Wight Councillor


832  –  Michael Lilley
121  –  Conservative candidate
109  –  Green Party candidate

Ryde Town Councillor


911  –  Michael Lilley (Our Ryde)
550  –  Jenna Sabine (Our Ryde)
517  –  Lisa Carter (Our Ryde)
164  –  Green Party candidate

Monthly Ward Meetings

First Thursday each month 7pm
St. John’s Church Hall, Ryde

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